Our Fishing Boats

If you are wondering what type of boats we use for fishing in Ambergris Caye, Belize.  Here are some of the fishing boats we use.  As you probably already know, the fishing boats are made with purpose for the different fishing waters and mostly for the comfort of you, our customer.  Some of the boats are used for more than one type of fishing.

Our Deep Sea Fishing Boats:

Deep Sea Fishing BoatDeep Sea Fishing Boat

Our Deep Sea Fishing Boats are able to endure the deep waters and big waves that are found outside our protective Barrier Reef.  In a way they are made to ride the waves.  They are equiped for long journeys and provide shelter from the sun.

Our Reef Fishing, Night Fishing and Bottom Fishing Boats:

 Deep Sea Fishing Boat

The waters for Reef Fishing and Night Fishing are fairly gentle as the Barrier Reef protects us from the never ending pounding of the waves.

Our Flat Fishing Boats:

Flat Fishing BoatFlat Fishing Boat - Sabalo 23'

Flat Fishing boats are used in gentle still waters where there is not much wave activity.  Usually fishermen in Ambergris Caye flat fish near the coastal mangrove habitats, lagoons, mangrove outlets and canals where the fish are found.  In still waters, your guide will more than likely use a "palanca", a long stick lever, to push the boat with as minimal noise as possible in search of fish.